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Keep the shed cool this summer!

Keep your clients’ shed cool this summer with Shed Shield – Foil backed foam insulation from Shed Shop.

As the temperature outside continues to rise, it is important that you keep your clients' sheds as cool as possible. One way to do this is by using Shed Shield foam insulation from Shed Shop. This insulation will help to keep the shed cool and save your clients money on their energy bill.

When it comes to building a shed, choosing the right materials and tools is essential. For those looking to create a high-quality structure that will stand up to harsh weather conditions and hold up over time, one tried and tested product is Shed Shield - Foil Backed Foam Insulation. This innovative insulation has been specifically designed for use in outdoor structures like sheds and has been tried and tested by professional shed builders who can attest to its exceptional quality and performance. Thanks to its finely tuned formulation of foam combined with state-of-the-art foil backing technology, Shed Shield insulation is an incredibly durable material that will help keep your shed cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Shed Shield - Foil backed foam insulation is a high-quality insulation material designed specifically for use in sheds and other outdoor structures. Made from super strong, foamed aluminium foil, this innovative product offers many benefits for both builders and homeowners. Perhaps one of its greatest advantages is its durability and toughness. The extra wide coverage and tough design of Shed Shield means that it can stand up to the tough demands of outdoor climates, protecting your shed from sun exposure, heat buildup, wind, rain, and more. In addition, the 7mm thickness ensures that your insulation will last for years without tearing or wearing out.

Another key advantage of using Shed Shield is it’s easy to install. The material is so lightweight yet extremely durable when compressed between roof purlins and roof sheeting as required in any shed construction project. So, if you're looking for an affordable and effective way to cool down your shed during the summer or keep them warm during winter, look no further than Shed Shield foam insulation. With this quality product at your disposal, your next shed build is sure to be a success!